Mars Discount Vacuum has always, since opening 50 years ago, carried a wide range of quality vacuum cleaner choices and now, a newly designed series of products from Maytag has been added.

In mid 2013, Maytag chose Saint James Missouri manufacturer, Tacony Corporation, to make and distribute a new line of Maytag vacuum cleaners. It’s interesting that Maytag had the opportunity to put their brand name on any vacuum from any manufacturer of vacuums in China. Yet, they selected Tacony to build vacuums bearing their name. The three new Maytag models are all new designs – three totally unique models. These will be sold in Maytag and independent appliance stores.

Tacony Manufacturer was founded in the USA, in Saint James Missouri, in 1946, and now in the second generation of family ownership, is the most renown well built, lasting vacuum cleaners manufacturer in the world, lauded for their advanced technology and focus on precision. The Maytag line is an addition to the Riccar and Simplicity line of products already manufactured by Tacony. Taconey products are recognized for their very high standard and are designed for longevity, efficiency and deep cleaning.

The three new Maytag models:

  • The lightweight M500, at just 9 pounds, packs a powerful cleaning punch and is convenient enough to move up and down stairs or room to room with ease.
  • The versatile M700 was designed to clean it all. With a floor-to-ceiling cleaning performance, it easily switches surfaces to manage every room and comes with multiple on-board attachments for access to hard to reach areas. Designed durable, the constant cleaning power and performance lasts and lasts.
  • The ultimate in cleaning power, the M1200 from Maytag features a Dual Intake System with two individual motors working together to provide continuous suction and maximum agitation for a superior cleaning performance. Six stages of advanced filtration trap dust, dirt, and pet hair in a single poof-proof bag that holds 20 times the capacity of typical bagless upright vacuums.

These new Maytag units will NOT be in Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart and other big box stores but will be sold through Appliance stores carrying Maytag products, Maytag branded stores and reputable vacuum stores.

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