Vacuum cleaner maintenance is something most folks only think about when something breaks. However, just like vehicles need regular tune ups and oil changes, there are quick, easy, and affordable vacuum maintenance checks and repairs that will keep your machine cleaning at peak performance, save you money, and prevent frustration in the long run.

You should always remember that the belt on the brush roller is one of the most important parts on a vacuum. Most people believe if the belt is turning, it’s doing it’s job. That’s not always true. You should replace the belts on your vacuum at least every three to six months if the vacuum is regularly used. This is very important for proper cleaning.

To explain why, let’s talk about what a vacuum belt actually does. The drive shaft of the motor, inside the vacuum cleaner, rotates the belt causing the brush roller to turn, which provides the necessary agitation to clean dirt, dander, and other detritus buried deep in your carpet. SO in that way, the speed of the brush roller determines the cleanliness of your carpet. The faster that the roller turns, the better your vacuum cleans, less bad stuff stays in your carpet, and your home feels cleaner and healthier. (some allergen or mold statistic?)

However, as most vacuum belts are made of standard rubber, over a few months of use the belt will age and stretch. This can cause the vacuum belt to slip on the drive shaft which results in your vacuums brush roller turning slower or not at all, which reduces agitation and in turn your vacuum’s overall cleaning power. This can leave behind lots of unseen debris like sand and grit, which can accumulate at the base of your carpet and lead to excessive and premature carpet wear. And, replacing carpet, as you probably know, can easily stretch into thousands of dollars in expenses.

Remember, you want to agitate your carpet, you don’t want your carpet to agitate you. So get a fresh vacuum belt every 3-6 months. Check your vacuum belt regularly, and keep your carpet clean and yourself happy.

Additionally, quality of vacuum belts varies widely. If your new belt is too loose, the brush roll will turn slowly, and the vacuum won’t do it’s job. If it is too strong or tight, it puts excessive wear and strain on your motor and bearings which can cause damage, resulting in unnecessary repair costs.

Visit us at Mars Discount Vacuum and we can help you choose the right belt and fit for your vacuum cleaner. It only takes a few minutes to change your vacuum belt, but it can save hours of cleaning time and effort. Let us help you select the right belt for your vacuum. We can also install the belt for a minimal fee.

Don’t let your carpet walk all over you, come into Mars Discount Vacuum today and let us get your vacuum cleaner to peak performance.

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