Purchasing a bagless vacuum cleaner may seem like a decision of convenience and conservation. You don’t have to replace bags, and you’re not creating extra waste. However, it’s very important to remember that a bagless vacuum usually has two to three filters inside of the machine. And, these filters need to be cleaned at regular intervals, and replaced as well.

Filters should be cleaned every 4-5 times the vacuum cleaner is used, depending on how much they are cleaning during each use. Filters should be replaced between every 3 months to one year depending on the model. When you get your filters at Mars Discount Vacuum we will let you know ahead of time when you should pay us another visit.

You may be wondering, why do I need to keep up with this sort of routine vacuum maintenance?

Filters separate dust from the air, which is what the bag did in your old vacuum cleaner. Over time, the dust compacts on the filters, making it more and more difficult for the filter to do its job. This is why you will see bagless vacuums occasionally spitting out dust. You DO NOT want to get to this point.

Another factor to consider is how close you are to the coast. In Houston, we have quite a bit of moisture in the air because of how close we are to the gulf. This means you will need to clean your filters more frequently. The dampness causes the dirt to stick to the filter. And, when the filter gets clogged the vacuum can’t breathe.

People believe that filters can be washed, but most of them are not washable. They can be washed and look clean but they are still getting clogged up. It’s much like a sponge on a sink, after you wash it a few times it gets pretty gross.

To clean your filters, remove them from the bagless vacuum cleaner, and tap them gently on the inside of a trash can. Make sure you use a larger trash can for this and are gentle, you can very easily kick up a good deal of dust and create a large mess. The most common types of filters are:

  • The dirt cup filter. Located in the dirt cup.
  • The secondary filter. Located under the dirt cup.
  • The exhaust filter. Located on the side or back of the vacuum.

Visit us at Mars Discount Vacuum and we will show you the right filters for your vacuum cleaner, and how to properly clean them to keep your vacuum cleaner working at peak performance. Don’t let your filters get the best of you, come into Mars Discount Vacuum today and let us help you with all of your vacuum cleaner needs..

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