Most times, people think using the best cleaning products out there means they are doing the best thing. But, consider this: What if you’re not using those cleaning products the right way? The best broom only works if you’re sweeping correctly. The same goes for amazing cleaning products such as Bona.

Bona offers some of the best cleaning products on the market today. Today, I am talking specifically about Bona’s line of products for hardwood and tile floor cleaning. You can’t find anything that out cleans it on tile or wood. That claim comes from time-tested quality and repeat customer approval. When you purchase a Bona product with their microfiber mop, you should just be able to spray the stuff on the floor and mop it up, right?


If you’re not using Bona properly, you may be doing more damage than you are doing good.

People prefer the easiest way, right? Sure. Especially when it comes to mopping the floor. They want to spray the Bona on the floor, and mop it up with the microfiber mop. That’s how the thing looks like it should work.

The reality is, when you spray the Bona onto the floor, if there are divots or cracks in your grout or wood, your mop is never going to pick up the liquid that you sprayed into those spots. The Bona liquid left in the grout and cracks becomes a magnet for dirt and other not clean or good “stuff”. This can include pet dander, bacteria, and even toxic mold.

So, while you thought you were making it easy on yourself, you may actually be creating more problems that will present a nightmare in the future. These issues can range from having to deep clean your grout, having your floors restripped, having your wood or tile floors completely replaced, and possible health issues. None of those scenarios sound like any fun and could be very expensive.

Don’t worry though, there’s an easy solution.

Be sure that when you’re using Bona you mist the pad, then squeeze it out as dry as you possibly can get it, and then mop the floor. Just remember to mist the pad, don’t mist the floor. You want the Bona to stay on top of the floor, not to get into the grout, divots, cracks, or marks in your tile or wood floors.

Feel free to contact us today or come into the store with any questions regarding proper use of your Bona products, vacuum needs, and any other questions on the most effective methods to keep your home clean.

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