5 important considerations before buying a steam cleaner

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Inform yourself before buying a steam cleaner

Today, I want to talk to you about buying a steam cleaner. Last week, I discussed some considerations for purchasing a bagless vacuum, so I wanted to continue in that vein by giving you some insight before you buy a steam cleaner.  There are a lot of different recommendations that get spouted off in regards to purchasing a steam cleaner, so I decided to clarify what you should really be concerned with. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 important considerations for you to take with you when browsing through all of the choices in the steam cleaner market. Just remember, if you come in to see us at Mars Discount Vacuum, this is how I handle walking customers through any purchase they are considering. I don’t like buying things I don’t need, and I don’t like recommending things I don’t need to my customers. Now, ladies and gentleman, your top 5:

1. There are TWO different types of steam cleaners

There are two main types of residential steam cleaners. One is the portable type on a stick, and the other type is a vapor steamer. Make sure you know which type you are looking for before starting your search or you may become overwhelmed. If you are not sure, you can always contact us with your cleaning needs and we will be able to steer you in the right direction.

2. Buy based on your cleaning needs

Don’t spend your money on a more expensive model, because someone tries to impress you with a multitude of different functions. Remember, a portable steam cleaner can reach temperatures around 200° but will not clean grout. This is fine if you’re using it as a mop. But, you should be aware that it cleans top surfaces only. A vapor steamer will reach temperatures in excess of 230° with 50 pounds of pressure at the tip. This is excellent for cleaning grout. In addition, if you want to avoid using chemicals while cleaning your home, vapor steamers are the option you want to look at.

A great tip for you is to make a list of the surfaces you’re cleaning and the frequency you’re cleaning them, and bring that with you to your local vacuum store or give us a call.

3. Make sure your steam cleaner is repairable

This may sound like a strange thing to check on, but many steam cleaners ARE NOT repairable. There are several models of portable steam cleaners that, once they are broken, simply have to be replaced. I won’t overshare my own opinions on this matter, but as a consumer I find it rather irritating when things aren’t built with quality in mind. Make sure you do your research, or go to a local vacuum store and talk to an expert before making a purchase.

4. Double check the warranty period

The Manufacturer warranties differ between models. Vapor steamers generally have a warranty of one year, but you always want to make sure of the exact details of the warranty for your particular model before purchasing.

5. Don’t buy a commercial steamer unless you need it

Commercial steamers are incredible cleaning machines that can reach up to 300° with 90 psi at the tip. HOWEVER, they are called commercial steamers, because they are not generally intended for regular household use. Generally, these types of machines are used for frequent daily or hourly cleaning, and will be a far more expensive and involved purchase.



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